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Thursday, March 26, 2015


There are a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds starring Tim Curry as the serial killer. He is unkept, with rotten teeth, bloodshot eyes, and extreme stubble. He creeps me the eff out. I can't watch those episodes. Ever. Even in broad daylight. Regular Tim Curry is freaky. Serial killer Tim Curry is like a room full of creepy clowns laughing their creepy clown laughs and walking slowly (or quickly) toward you with a very large ax.

There is a guy on POF. He looks like the serial killer Tim Curry. He's creepy as eff. I'm sure he's a nice guy. I HOPE he's a nice guy. But I can't look at him without thinking Tim Curry is going to tie me to a bed and set me on fire.

It doesn't help that the first line of his profile says, "I'm looking for someone to start off as friends that could lead to a long term relationship with someone & eventually move in with me at my place."

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