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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is This a Job Resume?

"About Jon:

Apparently POF wont let me show a picture of my face if I have my shirt off...or If I have a shirt on. Hypocrisy since I have no less than 10 women on my match list without there face in the picture."


"First Date:

We meet. I Love your look. I take your pictures. TFP"

TFP.... according to Google, TFP = "Time For Prints". Photography expression meaning the model will get prints of the shots for their time spent modelling. This is not a paid shoot. It's TFP. 

So... he's using POF to promote his photography skills. And he can't post a picture of himself. So, chicks meet up with him in some random, secluded locale so he can photograph them? Yeah, that's not sketchy. Not at all. 

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