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Friday, January 6, 2012

Your Stupidity Makes Me Laugh

The guy from my last post decided to write back, which turned into a conversation, that made me laugh so hard, I almost peed my pants. So you, too, may share in my gleeful mirth, I have included the conversation for you. He doesn't deserve to remain anonymous, but I'm feeling generous. Enjoy!

Sent Date:1/5/2012 3:13:06 PM
From: D________
D: "Hey there....I wish I can put my tongue inside:-)"
Me: "What the hell!? Ew."
D: "Yep coz u r attractive:-)"
Me: "And you are disgusting."
D: "Nd u r fat mother fucker ugly fish nd frog" (which made me LOL hardcore)
Me: "Wow, not only are you a charmer, but you're respectful, mature, and intelligent, too? Perhaps I misjudged you? Haha, yeah right!"
D: "Y u telling me I'm disgusted???"
Me: "Read your first message, Genius."
D: "I didn't start it. U the 1st one insulting me"
Me: "Clearly English is not your first language. Perhaps when you said, "Hey there....I wish I can put my tongue inside:-)", you were not referring to the sexual acts which I interpreted that to mean?"
D: "Not a bad thing put my tongue in ur mouth:-) nd I speak 4 language ...u r right about English is not my 1st nd I'm glad about that!!! Awwwwww I speak 4 international languages. Anyways have a great weekend!!"
I sent it to my friend, and she asked, "what exactly does a mother fucker ugly fish nd frog look like??" My thoughts exactly.

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