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Monday, January 9, 2012

That's An Impressive Pair of Pants

"So I was thinking. I have a pair of jeans that I could fit two people into at once. Why was I thinking of this? Two warm people could fit into the jeans on a warm winter night. Again why do I think of this. I have contacted you. Again why. We can both fit into a single jeanpair. Hot coco.
I own a lot of books. Are you into reading? Being able to read is one thing but having something to read, is something else. What will you read if you have nothing to read. Nothing. Read about a pair of jeans big enough to hold two people in their own jeans pressing together close flavor lumps.


(Found on: http://www.abadcaseofthedates.com/2012/01/well-hit-bathroom-twice-as-much.html)

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