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Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm A Waiter

A message from Alex (The Waiter):


I am a waiter and I would gladly serve you dinner. I would even serve you AS dinner, all on a plate with all fixins. No I don't mean this in a sexual way.

I'm Alex the waiter. I wait for people to email me on this site but no one does! That forces my hand. Your profile is VERY FUNNY. Women with senses of humor usually suck but you're something unique. Have you given any more thought to my offer of dinner above? I will serve you dinner with fixins or you will BE the dinner with all fixins.

The fixins will be a printout of all of my receipts from the past year, taped over your naughty bits so as to keep things clean. I will let my imagination do the rest of work. Have you givin much thought to modeling? I would do a photo shoot with you.

Serve dinner to you or be the dinner yourself. Or both. That would be a fun night to tell the great grandkids, cousins, and new pets about.


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  1. Yeah, he's gonna be waiting for a long time for someone to respond positively to a message like that.