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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Better Question Is: Who Puts That In Their Dating Profile?

About Me:
"Things I Think About-
Who puts dog crap all over my sneakers at night? I walked through a puddle two weeks ago and put my sneakers out on my back porch to dry overnight. Fast forward to the next day and they are SMOTHERED with dog crap. I had to wash them off (making them soaking wet AGAIN) and put them on my back porch again. The next morning, AGAIN smothered in dog crap. I washed them again and put them outside in different places (I will NOT bring them inside - they stink!) and every day they are covered in crap again.

Besides that, I haven't been thinking about much lately."

(Found on: http://www.abadcaseofthedates.com/2011/12/its-suburbs-and-i-was-bored-okay.html)

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