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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Should be Looking for an English Teacher, Instead!

Eddie leads with this line: "lookn 4 a hot grl that is laid back,n real no b's". His interests are "grls" and "n what ever sports my son plays which is all of them". Eddie would like you to know "Im a sporty person n easy goin.Im a laid back person.I coach my sons baseball team.My son 10 he lives with me hes lived with me 4 about 7years.Hes a daddys boy.N wonts u meet me u will c im a unique person,n a good way.I like all misic.My goal rite now n life is 2 find a good grl n my son is my life." And for a first date? "dinner n a movie.i like 2 keep it simple tha first date." Very classy.

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