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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Too Soon

I received a message on December 26 from a cute guy with a decent profile: "wow i know you must already know this but you are beautiful! i would love too have the chance too talk too you and to get too know ya." I can work with that. I replied, "Thank you :) How was your Christmas? Did you do anything special? Thank you for the message! I just got home from work, and I'm headed to bed soon, but feel free to send me a message, and I'll respond to it tomorrow. I hope you had a nice day!" I didn't receive a reply until this morning, when I got, "hey how are you today?" I responded with, "Hello! I'm doing well, how are you?" (I mean, really, where else do you go from there?) I get back, "im ok cold wish u were here too cuddle with"...... Yeah, I'm good, but I think Wal*Mart is still having a 50% off sale on Christmas sweaters...

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