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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Miss Sexy Eyes"

On Friday, I received a message titled "Eyes...". I've been told before that I have pretty eyes (and, not to be vain, they ARE my best feature!), so I figured this was going to be some sort of pick-up line (but props for not going with the usual, generic, "Hi"). Sure enough, the message said, "Hey there your profile got my attention. Amazing eyes there you're a complete knockout. I just wanted to say hello and ask how is your night going? Take care." Now, I am a huge stickler for proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but most of the messages I receive say "Hi how are you", so the fact that this guy attempted complete sentences was a major plus in his favor. He doesn't have a picture, and his profile says he's looking for "Hang Out", "wants to date but nothing serious", & "I am good looking fun guy looking to make some new friends and have some fun. Right now I'm recently separated and am looking to have fun without any drama.", so I know he's not looking for any type of relationship, but I figured, what the hell, he attempted to write something slightly intelligent, I'll respond and see what happens. I replied, "Hello, thank you :) My night went well- I was at work until after midnight, so I wouldn't say it was "fun and exciting", but I was busy! How was yours?" and got back, "Youre very welcome Miss Sexy Eyes. My weekend wasn't bad I just traveled to Pa to visit family for Christmas. How are you doing? Merry Christmas". At least this one asks me questions I can reply to, in order to establish some sort of conversation. So, weird nickname aside, I responded with, "Sounds like you had a nice holiday- mine was pretty low key, just spent at home, cooking and watching football. I'm doing well- I just got home from work, an about to head to bed, as I am pretty tired. How are you doing? I hope you had a nice day, and Merry Christmas! (A bit late :)". This time, I included my name, so he would have something to refer to me by, other than his slightly obnoxious chosen moniker. I received a reply this morning, "That's good mine was relaxing too. Up to anything exciting this week? What are you looking for one here Miss Sexy Eyes?".... The first time he said it, was cheesy, the second time was annoying, but the third time? I'm over it. Not to mention, he has my name, and is still not choosing to use it, which shows he thinks his cheesy, skeevy one liners will get him laid. He doesn't sign his messages, so I don't have his name, but it doesn't matter. This time, I'm not responding.


  1. OH I like Miss Sexy Eyes!!! I would totally fall for that

  2. Under normal circumstances, perhaps. But the way HE says it is just skeevy.