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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Not Creepy At All!

As seen in the "First Date" section of a POF guy:

"I would like to meet for Coffee, but I would get Hot Coaco it would be just to 'Break the Ice' (for introductions to occur). If it is not a choice, I would meet at a food court in a mall or at the greeting cards section of a Walmart. When we exchange names with faces, I would proceed to retrive her phone number to call back later. Than I would depart from the scene after a polite good bye, and call within an hour or so, to ask if there is any future in pursuing a second date. On the second date, I would use the knowledge I obtained from our introduction to select her a perfect flower, or a personal color of rose. Also, we could discuss a more becoming destination we would have in common to meet at next.

It is better to meet someone from online by just establishing a good first impression, and make the connection of a persons face along with their name. Make it simple, polite, and ask for their number if they would like to give it to you than say thank you, and if there is a really strong attraction then a decision to hug will easily be a way to tell when departing, how soon to call. Than on the phone after making the intial first impression, ask the other person how attracted on a scale of 1 to 5 they are, where 5 is extremly attracted, and 1 is not at all. Obviously, from this point it will be clear how well, if at all the second date will proceed, but with more confidence from the successful first impression. I personally like to go out to the movies, as much as I like to stay in, and watch them streaming live for free online. But, I love it when I meet a woman that likes to make her choice obvious and tell me how she wants to spend our time together."


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