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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Award For Best Over-Use of Capital Letters

"How r u...Cute Pic's...I Was Wondering Could We Exchange A Few Words? My Name is Markese,I'm from NY...I just move to MD..I work for Federal Government..Whats Your name..can u tell me a lil about your self"... Wow, holy over-use (and mis-use) of capitalization! I decided to check out the profile of the man who sent me this message:

"I'm from NY (Bronx)
now live here in MD..I like having fun going out to eat (food..lol)..I
like to write poetry....I'm a straight forward type of person and I
expect the same from anyone I deal with including my friends..I'm huge
COWBOYS fan..I'm also pretty open and blunt. I like knowing where I
stand with people. I am a bit of a workaholic.
I love music that has meaning so I am into gospel, soul, and r&b music.
I'M Soft on the eyes easy for the heart this page was created only for
the Smart, Open minded with few questions to ask I'll make it simple
so you don't have to ask. Seductive Heart can mean many things Please
know this page will always be clean... Loving and caring right from
the start every word I say will come from the heart.. I’m only here to
express and explain the true feelings I have on my chest to clear my
brain when I feel insane; A True Man I strive to be; Southern blood
runs through my veins, the city of NY is were my heart is , that is
how I came up with my name.. No love affair will come from this No
lies to be told I promise u this.. No games to play to let you know
I’m only here to share my Flow Welcome....
I intend to live life to the fullest.
Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask."

(I'm not sure if he was trying to rhyme some of that, or if it rhymed from coincidence...)
Then, he wrote a poem:

"I think I found the girl of my dreams
when I see her, she brings a tear to my eye,
cause I know Gods blessed me with one of his greatest prize
the way you walk and work those thighs, and that special twinkle in
your eyes, I guess your beauty gets to me sometimes.
When I first saw you, I almost tripped over my feet,
your different from the rest, you don't get into the lies and deset
your heavenly features is the envy of all girls,
she doesn't fein for the diamonds and pearls,
she likes the simple things in life, I'm never gonna find a girl like
this twice.
Your like that single rose in that garden of weeds,
flowers bloom, everytime you breath, your hearts a lock and I think I
hold the key
not only are you beautiful, your intelligente too,
you know me like the back of your hand, and that my favorite color is
the only problem with the girl of my dreams is just that,... she's
only a dream."

Which he followed up with this warm & fuzzy message:

"PS...I WOULDN'T WASTE YOUR TIME...DONT WASTE MY..IF U HAVE NO PIC'S,PHONE R CAN'T TXT,great personality and sense of humor. Someone who is honest, reliable, financial responsible, KEEP IT MOVING DONT HAVE TIME TO WASTE...."

Dude, you are THIRTY YEARS OLD.... if a woman doesn't text, she is wasting your time!? Also, the word "or" has an 'o' in it, and you spelled "intelligent" wrong. Just saying.

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  1. Almost sounds like one of those Nigerian scammers looking for a mark.