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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adam Levine Has HSV?

I just stumbled across a profile that has only one picture... and it's a picture of Adam Levine, from Maroon 5. I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to resort to online dating as a way of meeting girls, but I clicked on the profile (which is headlined "hsv_sucks: all the good ones are gone") out of curiosity. The profile is short and sweet" "First, I have hsv so if you're not ok with it then click away. Otherwise, I'm a fairly easy going guy. I get passionate about politics and only wish to date non-liberals. I stay in good shape, enjoy cooking, traveling, and doing any type of work with my hands. I don't care much for tattoos or smoking. I'm fairly humble, introverted, and non-materialistic. I love music of all types but loathe rap. Likely one of the most interesting people you can meet :)". I'm not going to rag on the guy... If I was admitting on a much-used dating site that I had birth-acquired herpes, I wouldn't post a picture, either.

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